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The Launch

Keeping in line with Mightytips’ objective to reach the sports wagering audience worldwide, we’ve launched a German version of our betting portal. By expanding our websites to include the German language, we’re making our information more accessible globally.

Sport betting pundits in Germany and elsewhere in the world, can now benefit from our professional experts sharing tips and reviews on bookmakers around the world. Our websites are constantly updated, giving only the current information you need to know when placing wagers on your favorite game.


The German version of Mightytips is designed to give our readers a range of bookmaker reviews, researched and written by our team of professional experts in the betting industry. We cover a range of features such as usability of the bookmaker’s site, bonuses and promotions, mobile applications, and payment methods.

We offer ample bonuses and promotions for sport bettors living in Germany. We also give all the information you need when betting on the go with our mobile reviews. And, our home page lists the best online betting sites for sports wagering in Germany.


Mightytips ensures every reader can access our information easily with our sports betting sites being available on all platforms. This applies to our German version, making it accessible on PC, tablet, Android, or iOS devices. The pages are simple to navigate while giving our users an enjoyable and smooth online experience.


A lot of thought has gone into creating a pleasing viewing experience for our readers. This includes using design features that are easy on the eye. Our modern visual style is user-friendly and appealing while providing all the information our sports betting audience need to be fully informed.


At Mightytips, our aim is to always give our readers information they can rely on when looking to place bets on sporting events. Our team of betting experts are professional and experienced in the field of sport wagering. They can be trusted to write bookmaker reviews and provide sport betting tips while staying objective at all times.

We continuously strive to update all our information to stay relevant. We only provide the best while giving our readers reliable service at all times. And we certainly don’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to quality and reliability of our content.

Social Media

We use a range of social media platforms so our sports betting followers can stay in touch with our latest information. By expanding our social media bases, our readers can visit us and follow for the latest news and events.

You can reach us on Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter or subscribe to our email newsletters.


Mightytips is growing and expanding rapidly to reach all our sport betting readers worldwide. We’re establishing our brand on the global market and we’re dedicated to staying on top of our game. By offering our websites in multiple languages we’re making our site accessible, internationally. We’re not stopping as we continue to expand our interests so you, the sports bettor, can benefit whenever you visit our website.

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