Interview with Pavel Alekseev – Head of Sales at SEOBROTHERS

Pavel Alekseev - Interview

Pavel Alekseev is an experienced Head of Sales who is currently leading a dedicated branch in the company. In this interview, we will talk with Pavel about his professional views on the affiliate business and working in the SEOBROTHERS.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your role within the company?

Hello strangers =) My career in digital marketing started in 2016, and this field is really full of wonderful people! I started working at SEOBROTHERS as a Sales manager 1 year ago, and now I am the Head of Sales in the Gambling department, and I strive to raise the best sales team ever! We have ambitions, goals, passion – success is inevitable! I try to apply my experience not only in sales but also in other departments, and it’s really interesting to observe how my decisions help to shape the business-processes.

2. How is working in SEOBROTHERS different from working in other companies? What can you tell us about the company's culture?

Well, I’ve worked in several companies and I can state with no doubt that this company is the best of the best! Our management model looks more like a family. You feel that your opinion counts and matters, you can always receive support and get time not only for productive work, but also for the necessary rest.
Your responsibility will be praised, you know it and this is the thing which makes SEOBROTHERS special! The door is right here – just open it, and walk in.

3. What makes casino and betting traffic "good"? How do you achieve it in SEOBROTHERS?

What makes any type of traffic good for you? Quality and volumes. SEO traffic itself is of the highest quality, and that is the answer.
Our magicians from the SEO department know how to acquire those volumes! Do you know how? Morning, you are rich =)

4. How do you organize processes in the Sales team?

Everyone knows how reliable Swiss watches are. It’s the perfect example. They are precise and trustworthy. This is how any proper process should be organised.
I rely on an individual approach, faith in people, and a healthy atmosphere. Obviously, your work is a huge part of your life, so why not make it bright and happy? When you are free to express yourself, you feel comfortable, which is something we all strive for, more or less.

5. What is an ideal affiliate deal for you?

It is friendship. Ah yes, money comes first =)

6. How do you determine whether to work or not with a particular brand?

We have some inner metrics by which we evaluate every new offer, and basically we already know all the ‘players’ in the market.

7. You work with many different GEOs, are they different from each other in terms of approach? How do you adapt your working style to each country?

If you want to sell pencils or pens, you need to know the difference between them, the same rule works for GEOs, basically, for almost everything, I guess. In some cases, you need to find a whole new way to succeed, and in others, you are able to scale from your previous experience. Working in sales means being flexible and willing to learn new jokes every day.

8. Why is SEOBROTHERS a trustworthy partner to work with?

Our reputation is flawless. And you know what? It helps and it works. This synergistic approach (endorsement and improvement of your reputation) can get you really high results and open any closed door. Being a reliable partner means being responsible and successful – it’s all about us.

9. How do you see the future of SEOBROTHERS and yourself in it?

I see it as really bright and positive! We have everything to become well-known all over the world. SEOBROTHERS do have really big plans and I believe that my humble personality will make a significant contribution! When you dream, dream big, because dreams do come true.
For me, SEOBROTHERS is not just a company, it’s a part of my life, the best part. =)

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