Exclusive Interview with Alex Lysak – CEO at SEOBROTHERS

The SEOBROTHERS company specializes in affiliate marketing with over 25 GEOs covered in related verticals. In this interview I had a chance to ask Alex Lysak a few questions about the company’s approach to teamwork and project management.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your role within the company?

Hello, sure! 🙂 I’m the CEO at SEOBROTHERS and I’m engaged in the company’s development. I’ve been involved in marketing professionally since 2011, however I started making my first websites in 2009. From SEO specialist I got promoted to a Team Lead position and in 2015, I started my own marketing agency which was mainly client-oriented. In 2019, I began to focus only on my own projects and, finally, I have completely switched to the iGaming niche since 2020. Why iGaming? I believe it’s one of the most competitive niches in the world where you can truly show what you and your team are capable of.

2. SEOBROTHERS was launched in 2019. A year later the pandemic started. Did you have any problems during this period?

I clearly remember this period, especially due to isolation and all the traveling restrictions. However, it didn’t impact our business or the company’s further development, as we have already arranged all the processes across the team. We put a lot of effort into setting up and optimizing the work of every specialist in all departments so that the overall teamwork would be smooth and efficient. This includes accurate planning, detailed instructions, as well as clearly covered tasks with requirements and deadlines.

3. Your projects became successful and reached good traffic in a year. What are the key factors for showing such great results?

Correct, we reached great results in a year and I can highlight 3 main success factors for that:

  • We have great expertise and in-depth knowledge of the niche (the company founder has 10+ years of product experience)
  • We attract and employ the best experts in the field
  • We build up and optimize all the business processes in detail.

Plus, we should not forget about the hard work and dedication of our employees, which is very valuable:)

4. You have many projects in Europe, Canada, and the UK. Are you planning to expand in other countries?

Currently, we cover over 25 main GEOs and are planning to launch in 4 more by the end of the year. We’re now expanding our projects to LATAM and planning to launch in the USA as well. The latter is a separate challenge for us, which is very interesting indeed 🙂

Alex Lysak - Interview

5. How is your company structured? Tell us more about the processes in the team.

There are 2 large teams in the company: betting and gambling, with several main departments, which are Product Management, Marketing (SEO), Development, Content (copywriters and content managers), Sales, SMM, and HR. Our organizational structure is standard for the majority of IT companies. Of course, our work processes differ across the departments: for example, in the development department, their work is arranged on Scrum & Agile.

And as I’ve mentioned earlier, we are working hard to optimize all our business processes to make them fast, efficient, and smooth.

6. What makes your traffic proposition/traffic sites unique?

We draw special attention to the quality of traffic and conversion rate on our websites as it directly affects our company’s profit.

We regularly test new design elements, content templates, new categories, and many more. In addition, we perform thorough conversion and keyword analytics for different pages on our websites. Our partners are aware that the traffic on our sites is of high quality. 🙂

7. Do you participate in the conferences in your niche and do you think these are important and why?

Conferences play a huge role in the iGaming industry. Our sales team participates in almost all the events that are organized worldwide. As for me, I mostly visit the major ones which are held in Amsterdam, Malta, Cyprus, London, etc.

During conferences, you have a chance to meet new people from the industry, as well as to see your partners and friends. It’s a great opportunity to exchange your experience and share some industry news, which is really useful and fun at the same time. 🙂

8. What are your mission and goals?

First and foremost, the SEOBROTHERS company is about people, that’s why our team is one of the top priorities for us if we wish to succeed. So we try to employ the top experts in the field and offer them the best work environment.

Our main goals:

  1. To become an affiliate marketing leader in the iGaming niche
  2. To grow fast
  3. To create great projects that will be valuable to players.

Our mission:

  1. To make big history in iGaming affiliate marketing
  2. To build a great and happy team
  3. Become an example for young entrepreneurs.

9. Do you see yourself in the gaming world in the long run?

For sure. For the next few years, I definitely plan to develop in this niche, as our company has huge goals, and for me, it’s a big challenge. We clearly understand our direction and how we can reach our set goals.

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