Interview with Aleksandr Kosohov – Founder/CEO at Gamzix

Aleksandr Kosohov - interview

SEOBROTHERS seized an opportunity to have a discussion with Aleksandr Kosohov – the founder of a rising development studio Gamzix specializing in igaming.

1. Hello, Alexandr! Thank you for taking your time for the interview, and congratulations for winning the Industry Rising Star of 2022 award by SiGMA! How do you feel after you have achieved this?

Hello! Thank you for inviting me over, and thank you for the congratulations. I’m extremely happy and proud that Gamzix won the Industry Rising Star of 2022 award by SiGMA! This is a big break for Gamzix, it feels like we’ve reached another level. Simply amazing. I hope that in 2023 we’ll be even more recognizable among the colleagues and players. A start has been made.

2. You call Gamzix “Young and awesome slot creators” – how did you come up with such positioning of your company?

We are young and awesome in all senses – we are modern, progressive and flexible. As I said, the company has existed for only 2,5 years and the average age of our colleagues is around 25 years. So, we decided to make it an advantage and a distinctive feature. But I have to mention that this fact doesn’t mean being unprofessional. It means to be creative, agile, ambitious and motivated. And we are proving it every single day by working harder and smarter, challenge ourselves and set big goals.

3. The games you create bring fresh ideas into well-known slot themes and mechanics. How do you achieve this in Gamzix?

Team, team and team. This is the only part of the business that makes it real. I have never stuck to the desire to be a big boss. I don’t need my colleagues to be afraid of expressing their ideas and just quietly do what they have to. I’m totally into sharing experiences and letting everyone speak. Imagine, we have more than 40 great specialists in Gamzix and will I be the one who is allowed to speak? No. I want to hear from everyone. I want to follow trends. I want to make Gamzix – a success for every person in my team.

4. How do you decide which game to create next, and how many ideas do you discard while making them?

First step is about research, for sure. Market monitoring, checking behavior and preferences of the players inside our games, statistical analysis: numbers and facts are always the first thing to do. We can have a lot of ideas at the beginning, but I prefer to choose a few of them to work deeper and concentrate more. When we have some interesting insights during team meetings, we never leave it to die in the corner. Focusing on a few ideas doesn’t mean throwing away others. It means come back later and give more attention during the next brainstorm.

5. During SiGMA conference in Malta, a watermelon was on display at your booth. How important is for a company and for you personally to never lose a connection with your cultural roots?

We have a multinational team and specialists from offices in 4 countries: Estonia, Cyprus, Poland and Ukraine. The biggest part of them are from Ukraine, so we totally support not only our people, but the whole country in this terrible war. When we were in Malta, Kherson city, which was under the influence of the russian army for 9 months, was unoccupied. As the symbol of Kherson is a watermelon, we not only wanted to support our colleagues, but also to tell the whole gambling community about this incredible victory.

6. We can't help but notice how good your marketing is :) What is the approach you take when it comes to it?

Thank you very much! I’ve heard compliments about our marketing team from partners and colleagues a lot, and I’m getting even prouder. Our approach is based on analysis of market trends and its proper implementation in the company’s brand. We always seek something completely new, which will help to stand out of the crowd. Moreover, Gamzix is about people, that’s why personal PR also plays an important role in raising brand awareness. As you can see, all these methods are bearing its fruits.

7. Gamzix is a very people-centered company, and many people from your team are very active on social media. How do you achieve a consistent brand messaging?

As you can see, talking about a team is not just beautiful words. Developing our colleagues’ personal brands, we are growing a brand of the company. Through the people, we sound louder, more effectively and this is how we work with marketing in Gamzix too. We are trying to create a powerful connection and a kind of storytelling, involving both the brand itself and Gamzix’s teammates.

8. 2023 is just around the corner - what can we expect from Gamzix next year, and where we will see you in-person?

Let’s meet offline on ICE London in February! Gamzix team is already preparing for the event and planning a great performance there. Furthermore, till the end of the year, we’ll have 41 games in our portfolio. And in 2023 we are also planning to enlarge our portfolio with various games. Of course, this is not just for beautiful statistics. The quality of games, mechanics, design, plots: everything will be better. And, talking about marketing, we have a goal to become more recognizable among the players, partners and global community. We are very excited!

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