SEOBROTHERS donates to the Red Cross in support of Ukraine

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  • SEOBROTHERS donates to the Red Cross in support of Ukraine

Every help makes a difference

February 24th is a tragic day for the Ukrainian people as at 5 a.m. the Russian army invaded Ukraine, destroying homes, cities, and the lives of civilians.

SEOBROTHERS is a team of not only experts in the particular area but also real people, some of whom are now in Ukraine or have friends and families in this country. We find this situation dreadful and don’t support this war. For this reason, our team wants to help the Ukrainian people and has donated €50,000 to the Red Cross in support of Ukraine.

We understand that money can’t compensate for many things that people have lost during this war. But we believe that every bit of help makes a difference and hope that this can support Ukrainians and let them overcome this terrible time by getting humanitarian assistance, being provided with proper medical help, rebuilding their houses, and, more importantly, finally seeing the peaceful sky.

Alex Lysak, the CEO at SEOBROTHERS, is also from Ukraine and that’s what he says:

‘It’s painful to watch what is happening now. I am from Ukraine and support our people and colleagues the best I can.’

We hope that these dreadful events will end soon, families will reunite and return to their homes, children will see their dads-heroes coming back from hotspots, and there will be peace and justice that all people deserve!

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