Beware of Scammers Operating Under Our Name

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  • Beware of Scammers Operating Under Our Name

Are you someone contacted by people pretending to be us? Please stay aware of you are talking to.

It has come to the attention of SEOBROTHERS that some scammers are attempting to use our name to swindle money from innocent people online.

As we understand it, criminals will contact would-be contributors pretending to represent our company. They will offer job opportunities to individuals and, in the process, ask them to complete deposits under the guise of a training program, with the promise of commission down the line. They will also promise additional payments after each stage of “training”.

To reiterate, SEOBROTHERS will NEVER ask anyone to deposit money into a bank and/or crypto account during the course of a hiring process or a discussion of possible cooperation. We would like to emphasize this point and plead with people to thoroughly check any agreement reached online.

2 screenshots of conversations

Fake raffles are also being orchestrated, offering up big prizes for a small investment. Under no circumstance have we conducted a raffle or required any investment from any content creator we work with.

Keep an eye out for tasks that claim “app optimisation” – again, this is not a project we would ask you to pursue and would ask you to dismiss any such request out of hand.

3 screenshots of conversations

When and if need arises, please make sure that you contact us through official channels and double-check your sources. We have two official websites:

As far as fakes go, we have been made aware of – and this not an official SEOBROTHERS site. We are in the process of taking appropriate action, but in the meantime, please ignore it. Any other website purporting to represent our company is not affiliated with us and should be avoided at all costs.

We also have official HR representation available – if you have any doubts about the veracity of a project, please contact them, and they can help put your mind at ease. Their Linkedin contacts are as follows:

We value your safety and pride ourselves in treating our business partners and possible hires fairly. Please stay vigilant, cross-check any agreement you might enter, and don’t hesitate to contact official channels if you require any proof that the person you’re talking to is a part of our company.

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